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Ocean Rush

Ocean Rush


A cold blast accompanies the suave man. Its mint-fresh signature, its clean, piercing camphor notes, and its bittersweet bergamot hints turn the tide of daily stress and sweat. He alone smells unperturbed in the waves of crowds.

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+ Fragrance Notes

  • Mint : With a profile of cool, fresh, and tingling notes, this perennial herb has always set off “cold receptors” in our brains, turning stress into relaxation with one spray.
  • Camphor : Cutting through these fresh mint notes is the intense pungency of the camphor plant’s essential oils, obtained from its crushed stems, leaves, flowers, and fruits.
  • Bergamot : This zesty note from the “perfume orange,” a.k.a. citrus bergamia, sets your aura apart and is one of the most popular scents to spray on a hot summer’s day.
  • White Floral Lavender : The delicate fragrance of white floral lavender, like freshly washed linen and lavender fields, softens the strong profile of bergamot and camphor.

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