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Combo Offer For Him/Her

Combo Offer For Him/Her


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  • Amber : The modern “amber,” a.k.a. “ambroxan,” lends a spicy, leathery, and musky tone to the little worlds it touches. It leaves an impression of a seedy, yet rich underbelly.
  • Vanilla : Timeless, genderless. Sweet, syrupy, subtle. Since the aromatic plant was discovered in Mexico centuries ago, it’s been a go-to choice among the populace.
  • Cedarwood : Since Biblical times, this wood has been prized for more than just its luxurious grain. Soft, oily, and woody notes can turn your aura into a stately one.
  • Sandalwood : Derived from the Santalum album tree, which is sanctified in Hindu culture, this woody, deep, sturdy, milky, rich, and soft note is prized in the world of perfumery.
  • Ozone : Fresh, clean, and cold notes. The subtle undertones might remind you of just-washed laundry flapping gently in the breeze, its scent wafting around you.



  • Plum : Sugary, sensuous, and sweet. It’s a fragrance for twilight, best sprayed in the colder evening air. Your mystery ripens in its fruity tones, teasing noses.
  • Vanilla : From the pods of the vanilla orchid comes this well-known, subtle, and impersonal scent that fits into any situation. It heightens a woman’s mystery.
  • Gardenia  : South Asia’s funnel-flowered gardenia gives up zesty, earthy, sweetening tones ideal for a woman, and exudes a creaminess reminiscent of coconut. 
  • Pear Blossom : This is a gentle, complementary note that subtly lies under the other base notes, inviting with its fruity, floral calm. The musk makes for great optimism!  
  • Sweet Magnolia : This is a fruity, citrus tone derived from the American flower of the same name. It has a mildly spicy, powdery lightness that sets the room into playful emotions.
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